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About Us

Jay ”n” Jay is the No. 1 hoarding company with more than 15 years of experience in the field of outdoor advertising. Under the dynamic leadership of its founder Mr. Abdul Jaleel N.K., and with the backup of a superb team of advertising professionals, the company has grown from a mere 5-member team at its inception to the current strength of 50 employees. The company now has ownership or control of many Hoardings, Glow Signs, Mobile Vans, spread all over the cities, towns and villages of Kerala.

The company is in an enviable position of being able to showcase its client's products and services in prime locations for the greatest communication value and visibility. Sites have been chosen so meticulously to get maximum mileage for the client through enhanced exposure and visual impact.

"Quality Service at Competitive Terms” is the motto of the company. The team at Jay ”n” Jay takes care of all outdoor advertising needs with innovative ideas and quality service that would provide total satisfaction to their clients. Customer satisfaction is the biggest motivation for Jay “n” Jay.